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Cal Oaks Dental Reviews

"I absolutely love this dentist's office. I actually drive from Orange County to get my teeth cleaned there. The staff is amazing and so sweet. Dr. Todd is so kind and makes you feel important. I was told by a different dentist that I needed a deep cleaning that would cost me $500 out of pocket. After my first appointment with Dr. Todd, I mentioned it to him and the hygienist. They looked shocked and said I didn’t need deep cleaning at all. It’s nice to know you can go somewhere, get great service, and not get taken advantage of. I recommend this office to everyone."

Jessica Clements

"This is the best dental office ever! I love coming here and seeing all the wonderful staff every time I get my teeth cleaned. All the hygienists are amazing and do such a great job! Dr. Todd truly cares about all his patients. I will never go anywhere else."

Gricel Hernandez

"This is by far the BEST dental office I've ever been to! Dr. Todd Bringhurst was not only knowledgeable but also so kind! He really took the time to explain everything and get to know me. The staff is also top-notch! From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted by two smiling staff members. The hygienist and dental assistant were also incredible! They made me feel so comfortable and they have all the latest technology too. I will not be going anywhere else. Cal Oaks Dental is wonderful and I highly recommend them!"

Brittany Young

"Best experience with a dentist ever. They are so kind and gentle. Dr. Todd and Rachel removed my wisdom teeth and did a wonderful job, I’ve been seeing them for about 7 months now, I highly recommend them."

Ruddeee Cantfail

"Had a tooth go bad on me and was under a lot of pain. Cal oaks got me in and taken care of quickly and professionally. Their staff was super friendly and the densest was top notch. I would recommend them to anyone in the area."

Tony Tanner

"Love them!! My husband and I drive from South Orange County to go to this wonderful dental group! Dr. Todd and his staff make you feel like family!!"

Karen Clements

"Dr. Todd is always friendly and so is his wonderful staff! They always make sure I am comfortable and leave me happy! My husband loves them too!"

Brea Hitz

"I’ve always dreaded going to the dentist my entire life with so many bad experiences I couldn’t count until a good friend of mine told me to check out Cal Oaks Dental. Boy am I glad I did 😊 DR Todd is the best and his entire staff makes you feel at home. Honestly, I look forward to visiting them everyone now."

Ethan Schaffer

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