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Examples of Dental Emergencies and What to Do Next

Do you know what constitutes a dental emergency? Not many do, so you need to step up if you are one of them. It’s vital to have a good grasp of when to visit your dentist immediately or wait to do it later. 

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Have you lost a tooth, or are you perhaps missing several teeth? At any rate, statistics show that the average grownup loses one permanent tooth during their lifetime. When you lose any number of teeth, you become susceptible to long-term problems that may not be obvious at first. Some of the problems include bone loss, face shape changes, and increased risk for periodontal disease.

March Is Oral Health Month: Tips for Dental Hygiene

In ideal circumstances, good oral health care and your body’s immune system keep bacteria under control. Daily flossing and brushing prevent bacteria from reaching dangerous levels. It can result in oral infections like gum disease and tooth decay. March is Oral Health Month, with dental experts marking the time to help raise dental hygiene awareness. It is imperative to exercise these dental hygiene practices.

Regular Dental Checkup: What to Expect

A regular dental checkup is necessary for keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Visit a dentist annually, every six months, or as recommended by your dentist. Find a dentist who will make you feel comfortable. 

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

You cannot make your teeth brilliant white, but you can lighten them several shades. Teeth whitening is the process of bleaching your teeth to lighten their natural color. You can get your dentist to do your teeth whitening in his office, or you can do it at home. In-office bleaching agents contain more peroxide than at-home bleaching agents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Cleaning | Murrieta, CA

Many people are not sure whether dental cleaning is necessary. They harbor the common misconception that a daily cleaning regimen is adequate and dental cleaning does not do much good. 

Use It or Lose It/ Maximize Your FSA Benefits

Do you know that the FSA rules regarding ‘use it or lose it’ have changed? If you participate in this program, you now roll over some amount of money you have not used at the end of the plan year.

Use It or Lose It! Maximize Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year

If you have a dental insurance plan, you need to know that it might operate on a calendar year. The benefits are reset each year, which means that all the benefits must be used up within the year. Any benefits that are unused by December 31 are lost. 

Why Consider Dental Bonding

Are you happy with the appearance of your teeth? Do you have imperfections in your teeth that tend to embarrass you? If so, dental bonding, also known as tooth bonding, may be the perfect solution for your problems. If you have a chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth, dental bonding can give you the confidence to smile.

5 Signs You Might Need a Filling

Cavities are a common dental problem that affects people of all ages, often causing prolonged dental issues. Even those with good oral habits can develop small holes in their teeth. Identifying the problem early and seeking dental care is vital. 

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