5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Smile

First impressions are critical in social interactions, your smile being one of them. A bright smile takes effort to achieve and maintain. It involves time and a range of behaviors to create and keep it up. It requires dedication to develop the behaviors that can produce a smile that sparkles.

These should really be basic knowledge, but we forget them from assuming they will happen automatically. While expecting to see the results of teeth whitening or better oral hygiene, be patient to give it time. The benefits to your smile and general health outweigh the time and effort required for these adjustments.

·      Brush Daily

Brush your teeth twice daily as you have been encouraged to do from your first ever dental visit as a child. Plaque can form when residual food particles combined with saliva are not brushed away. The bacteria that naturally inhabit our mouths feed on these particles. Our tooth enamel can become eroded by their stomach acids, leading to tooth decay. 

Brushing is the first line of defense against tooth decay and cavities. Proper brushing takes about three to five minutes, a small price to pay for healthy teeth. Brushing every day is a crucial habit for excellent oral hygiene.

·      Floss Every Day

Plaque usually collects between the teeth and under the gumline; a toothbrush cannot reach such places in the mouth. The only option is flossing. Regular flossing reduces the risk of gingivitis and tooth decay. Plaque and tartar accumulate beneath the gumline when not cleaned regularly. This may result in periodontal disease, which destroys bone and damages teeth.

When flossing, make sure the floss is tightly wound around your finger before inserting it between your teeth. Gently move it twice or three times under the gumline. If bleeding develops, gingivitis or periodontitis is most likely to blame. When flossing daily, mild to moderate gingivitis-related bleeding often ceases after about two weeks.

·      Visit Your Dentist Twice Yearly

Professional cleanings every six months support maintaining good oral health and a radiant smile. Periodontal diseases might set in if your cleaning schedule is inconsistent. Unattractive swelling, receding, and bleeding gums might result from this. Additionally, it has been associated with diseases like cardiac arrest, stroke, obesity, diabetes, preterm birth, and sleep apnea.


Your dentist will also perform a health screening to check for issues like hypertension and oral cancer and clean stains and tartar from your teeth. The mouth is where these symptoms first appear.

·      Use Fluoride-containing Toothpaste

Fluoride is a crucial component of toothpaste because it strengthens tooth enamel. Early-stage tooth decay can be reversed by using fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, reducing the need for fillings.

·      Quit Smoking

Smoking affects healthy teeth and gums, causing gums to recede and produce pits around the teeth. The crevices between the teeth become dark, and the teeth appear longer. Gum disease can be exceedingly difficult to reverse when smoking.

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