Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are fast gaining popularity in orthodontics. They give confidence and a beautiful smile without making you stand out as traditional braces do. They consist of smooth plastic that effectively exerts pressure on your teeth. They gently and gradually straighten them, correcting malocclusion.


Clear aligners have many benefits. Here are a few to help you as you consider getting them or not.


Virtually Invisible


The top advantage of clear aligners is they are almost invisible. They do not call attention like traditional braces. Hence, you can go about your daily activities and attend events without drawing attention. Their discretion is convenient for teenagers since they like to blend in with their peers.


Traditional braces can prove too much for them to handle psychologically. It may lead to anxiety and depression due to the negative attention they may draw. Clear aligners also work for adults in workspaces that require them to make speeches and presentations.




Research shows that people with traditional braces experience more discomfort and pain than those who use clear aligners. The first few weeks of treatment can be unbearable, and each time the orthodontist needs to tighten the braces.


People with clear aligners may feel pressure in the first few days. It may happen whenever they get a new set of aligners. However, the most they may have to contend with is excessive salivation and speaking with a lisp.


Oral Care


Brushing and flossing your teeth is essential to ensure good oral hygiene. Traditional braces may need you to get a tiny interdental toothbrush. It will get into the crevices and remove food and bacteria. However, it may still not be as effective as clear aligners since they may miss some places. On the other hand, clear aligners are removable, allowing you to freely floss and brush your teeth.


Research suggests that people who use aligners have fewer cavities than those who have traditional braces. Traditional braces also cause sores and lead to gum disease because of the abrasiveness of the metal brackets and wires. The smooth plastic of clear aligners will not harm the soft tissue in your mouth.


Diet and Eating


Most people who have traditional braces prefer to eat soft foods. They reduce damage to the metal brackets and wires. However, they may also cause you to steer clear of nutritious foods that provide your body with fiber.


Food like apples, carrots, and pears massage your gum as you eat them. People with clear aligners can remove them, eat whatever they want, and return their aligners. They only need to remember to brush and floss after eating to avoid cavities and tooth decay.


Effectiveness and Speed of Straightening


Traditional braces may take one or two years to work, while clear aligners only need 12 to 18 months. Some people only wear them for six months. The duration depends on the severity of your condition. You will notice the improvement and your teeth straightening as it gets easier to brush and floss.


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