Will My Teeth Improve If I Stop Eating Sugar?

Everyone knows that too much refined sugar is bad for teeth and overall health. Most people do not know why refined sugar is bad or how cutting it down can improve their oral health. The truth is, it is not the sugar itself that is harmful, but the environment it creates. When you consume refined sugar, it encourages the growth of harmful bacteria. The sugar-loving bacteria produce acids that destroy the enamel.


Sugar and Developing Cavities


Hundreds of bacteria live inside the oral cavity. Most bacteria are helpful and keep the mouth healthy, but certain bacteria can cause harm. The harmful bacteria love the refined sugar in candy, cakes, ice cream, cookies, and other foods.

When the bacteria feed on the sugar, it produces enamel-destroying acids. The enamel is the protective layer on the outer part of the teeth. If the sugar remains on the teeth, it can cause the acids to get into the deeper layers, causing cavities. Cutting down on refined sugar can stop the process and prevent cavities.


Benefits of Reducing Refined Sugar Intake


Less refined sugar in your diet will help improve your oral health. The benefits of cutting refined sugar include:

·      Reduce the risk of tooth decay. Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

·      Reduce the risk of cavities that can lead to tooth loss.

·      Too much refined sugar can cause teeth discoloration due to cavities. Cutting down on refined sugar will keep your teeth looking white and healthy.

·      Prevent bad breath. Too much refined sugar causes an increase in bacteria that cause bad breath.

A healthy mouth means good overall health. Improving oral health can help reduce the risk of heart disease and other health conditions.


Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Avoiding sugar completely is neither advisable nor even possible, but there are things you can do to keep your teeth healthy.

·      Brush and floss regularly. It is especially vital to brush your teeth after eating sugar-laden foods and snacks. Flossing removes debris between teeth and under the gumline.

·      Use mouthwash and rinse your mouth after eating sugary foods. Rinsing your mouth after meals will get rid of food particles that encourage the growth of bacteria.

·      Drink plenty of water. Drinking fluoride water will reduce sugar and help protect your oral health. Fluoride in the water will help to keep the enamel strong.

·      Drink green and black tea. Black and green teas contain substances that keep away harmful bacteria. Drinking one cup daily will help improve your oral health.

·      Consuming dairy products. Milk, yogurt, and cheese can help improve your oral health. Dairy products contain calcium and phosphates that can improve the durability of the enamel and strengthen the teeth.


Regular Dental Visits


Visit your dentist regularly for examinations and dental cleanings. The dentist can detect enamel issues before they become cavities. The dentist may also recommend enamel-strengthening treatment.


Cutting Out Refined Sugar


Try as much as possible to reduce refined sugar in your diet. Your general health will benefit from it. If you reduce your intake of refined sugar, it will improve your oral health. It is not possible to eliminate sugar, but you can reduce your intake. However, make sure you brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily.

For more on whether your teeth will improve if you stop eating sugar, visit Cal Oaks Dental at our office in Murrieta, California. Call (951) 501-4900 to book an appointment today.

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